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What to Expect

Every Five Element (5E) acupuncture session or massage treatment will be uniquely designed for you and your goals.  Treatments take place by appointment only in my private studio located in the Marigny, at the corner of St Claude and St Ferdinand streets.  

Getting Started

This is a unique process so I like to start with a FREE 20 minute consultation so you can meet me and ask your questions while getting a feel for the space and what I offer.


The Journey

The duration of each massage only session is up to your choosing; 60 or 90 minutes.  The first 5E acupuncture treatments generally require a two hour initial session which includes a thorough diagnostic intake, acupuncture and cranio-sacral massage.  Follow up sessions usually take an hour.  5E acupuncture can be added to massage after the initial acupuncture treatments have been accomplished.  

Maintaining Balance

Once you've reached your health goals, seasonal or life-event  tune-ups for 5E acupuncture may be all you need.  But you'll always know where to go if life throws you off your groove.  And if everyone got a massage every two to four weeks, we'd be much happier.  Set whatever schedule keeps you feeling great and staying healthy.  


Five Element (5E) acupuncture is an ancient system of harmonizing the soul and the body with the environment around us.  It developed within the Daoist and Confucius schools of philosophy in China over centuries of watching nature and seeing the patterns thereof reflected in the lives of people. It was brought to the West by J. R. Worlsey in the 1950's and further adapted to address the complex imbalances of people in modern society. 


If you have a physical illness that does not respond well to traditional methods of treatment, it may be that the root of your illness lies deeper than what conventional therapies (which account only for anatomical or physiological issues) can treat.  5E acupuncture is a 90-minute session that works on deeper levels – beyond the physical. By re-establishing our innate connection to this harmony we can live our lives to the fullest.

Why Choose 5E Acupuncture?

  • Conventional treatments have provided little to no relief for your physical ailment

  • You suspect that the root cause of your ailment may have deeper pathology

  • You are searching for deeper meaning in your spiritual life & a greater spiritual connection

  • You are searching for a means that will help deepen your current yoga or meditation practice

  • You are guided towards discovering your soul’s purpose or hearing your calling

Acupuncture Treatment
Five Element Acupuncture
Shiatsu Massage and Acupressure


My style of therapeutic massage includes decades of experience and training in Shiatsu, Deep-tissue, Tuina, Barefoot Massage, Swedish and Cranio-Sacral therapies.  Every session is custom created for the needs of the client and may include acupressure or Thai Yoga style stretches.  Fans of deep-tissue and neuromuscular or sports massage are generally satisfied with my work. 

Therapeutic Massage
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